Connected Local Government Innovation

Connected Local Government Innovation

Connected Local Government Innovation is a platform for sharing any type of innovation by and for local government and related public service organisations.

Owners or managers with appropriate authority can upload their own innovations to the platform. Uploads will be moderated prior to publication.

The CLG Innovation Platform taken together with live webTV broadcasts, on-demand video, on-screen expert presentations, best practice developing and sharing workshops and e-learning opportunities all delivered through our three platforms (CLGdotTV – The Local Government Chanel , The Information Daily and Council News Monitor) mean that hard pressed public sector staff and hard pressed public sector budgets no longer need to use scarce time and money going to events. Our content is available 24/7 all year round not just for a single day.

All our services including CLG Innovation are available free of charge, free to view, free to participate in and are as accessible as the nearest computer terminal. Our on-line content does not require registration to access.

The producers of programmes and content for our platforms will monitor the content on the CLG Innovation platform to identify stories, organisations and people to feature in further content opportunities

CLG Innovation + CLGdotTV The Local Government Channel taken together make

the prime channel for sharing digital and other innovations in the public service sphere